Crabapple & Rosehip Cider

A blend of Ontario grown hyslop crabapples and rosehips. Bright aromas of tart apple with subtle saccharine floral notes. On the palate it is reminiscent of red fruits, sweet spices, and stewed berries. Finishes with gentle tannins and delicate bubbles. Semi-sweet.


The essence of summer strawberries, hints of muscatel and gripping texture from Darjeeling tea, body and roundness from Ontario grown sauvignon blanc grapes, and a dash of fermented red currant. Semi-sweet.

Jasmine Lemon Soda

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Cherry Soda

Sour cherry soda made with real cherries and enhanced with a kick of aromatic spices. It's "So Nice"!


A light and refreshing beverage made with freshly pressed grapefruit juice and aromatic Amarillo hops.

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